How It Continued

At Optimal Wellness Center, patients often bring a family member when they come for an appointment with Dr. Keith. Over time, Keith began to notice the family members were also experiencing the visit and having a healing of their own.

Keith felt that he could facilitate the healing of more of people by using this phenomenon. So, he created Sunday Gatherings, where a volunteer would experience a healing in front of the asembled group and give everyone in the audience an opportunity to experience a healing as well.

The success of Sunday Gatherings lead to another step in the Getting Out of Your Own Way experience.

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The Coming

Sunday Gatherings

Be a part of a community based on unconditional love and acceptance while Keith spontaneously expresses an inspirational message. These compelling messages, collectively known as Getting Out of Your Own WayTM, are revealed by God through Keith, to be shared with his friends and loved ones.

The lessons illustrate the overall theme of how we can more fully allow God to work with and through us.

Sunday Gatherings may also include a guest speaker, exhibits, chair massages and raw foods from Good 'n' Raw.

For the date of our next Sunday Gathering check the Calendar in NEWS/EVENTS.